Gastronomy Experience in Mykonos Town

Taste at Kyma is a memorable experience and one of the top highlights of your stay; whether it’s a delightful breakfast by the pool, a refreshingly inviting light meal to get you going or a three course dinner inspired by classical Mediterranean cuisine with a modern and utterly different approach. Only the finest and freshest ingredients are used, sourced locally and exclusively for Kalypso Restaurant and only the most innovative ideas are being served, as to highlight the chef’s search for the new cutting-edge cuisine. And just before your night out in Town, a signature cocktail at George’s bar is a must-try; elegantly popular, outstanding and always right on time.

Breakfast area

One of the most heart-warming sights of this luxury hotel is the endless breakfast buffet with a surprisingly and utterly delicious variety of tastes: organic eggs prepared in every possible way, bread and patisserie delights coming straight from our kitchen, the finest homemade marmalades, honey and cereals, fresh juices and smoothies, fruits and vegetables from our own farm, with a touch of carefully selected international and exotic ingredients. And that’s just the beginning for a good day’s start under the Myconian sun.

Kalypso Fine Dining

The rich flavors and the distinctive aromas of Mediterranean haute cuisine are blending in with the finest raw materials produced locally and exclusively for Kyma. After being carefully selected by the chef, an imaginative journey begins as to create only the freshest dishes with a twist; mingling tradition with contemporary food and innovative cuisine. At Kalypso fine dining Restaurant, Mediterranean heritage is open to new ideas and challenging culinary creativity in a most elegant and comfortable ambience.

Local products

Food connoisseurs from all around the world know well that there is no haute cuisine unless there are unsurpassed raw materials at the chefs’ disposal. This is why we aim high when it comes to the meticulous selection of raw materials, such as fish, meat, poultry, vegetables and herbs in all of our hotels. All of them are either produced in our private farm entirely under our supervision or locally and exclusively for us, by well-trusted professionals collaborating with us for many years.

George’s Bar

George’s bar is the place-to-be at Myconian Kyma, if you like a lively vibe but with an elegant flair. Notoriously hip yet surprisingly unpretentious, with its own patrons from dusk till dawn. Just because it has it all; coffee is exquisite from the traditional Greek to latte macchiato and the refreshing cappuccino freddo; juices and refreshments seem cooler than ever; specialty cocktails rock and the shareable platters from the menu are simply irresistible. As for the friendly bartenders and the impeccable staff, they’ll make you want to join in at a glance.